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About Us

At 18004CarLoan.com, car loans are what we are all about. For all types of individuals, good credit or bad credit, we understand the importance of driving your own automobile. If you need to purchase a car, we offer you an easy and confidential way to get good auto financing, no matter what your credit history looks like.

The next step to a brighter future is as easy as filling out a 2 step online loan application. The process is FREE and simple. There is no obligation. Once the application is filled out and submitted, you will be contacted by one of our friendly loan counselors who will understand your situation. The counselor will guide you to the loan and local dealership that has the car on their lot that can change your future.

These days, a lot of people are in the same situation as you. We understand that you may have past bankruptcies or repossessions. Those issues are no problem for us at 18004CarLoan.com! Do yourself a favor and apply today! We would love to help you get in the car that could make the difference in your life!

For information on Dealer Services and to receive a FREE quote, complete our Dealer Form and one of our business development representatives will contact you.